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All effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the translation, which is based on the original Slovenian texts. All translations of this kind may, nevertheless, be subject to a certain degree of linguistic discord. The original texts are written in the Slovenian language; in case of any doubt or misunderstanding, the Slovenian text shall therefore prevail.

In case of any uncertainties regarding the English translation the questions may be addressed to:


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Financial System Department

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english version

Zakon o deviznem poslovanju (ZDP-2)

Foreign Exchange Act (ZDP-2)

Disclaimer and notice: The text of Foreign Exchange Act (ZDP-2) in the English language on the Ministry of Finance's internet site is available free of charge for the purposes of public information. The text of Foreign Exchange Act (ZDP-2) in the English language present on this internet site is an unofficial translation. Only the text in the Slovenian language, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia is authentic.

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