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Public finances of the Republic of Slovenia take place through four public finance budgets. The first and the largest is the State budget, which represents 37.2 % of public finances. Follows the Pension and invalidity fund (20.8 %), the Health insurance fund (10.5 %) and municipal budgets (7.7 %). Transfers between the four public finance budgets need to be consolidated from each other. With this approach, we came to the consolidated general government budgetary accounts and on this basis to the so-called consolidated general government budgetary deficit or surplus.




-          State budget


The Ministry of Finance regularly monitors and publishes the monthly realization of the state budget. Ongoing monitoring of realization of the state budget is crucial in terms of identifying any kind of deviations of revenues and expenditures of the state budget from the estimated projections with respect to the adopted budget and liquidity plan.


-          Pension and Disability Insurance Institute and the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia


-          Local government budgets