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Address:Department for General Government Analysis and Coordination of Economic Policies
Beethovnova 11
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1/369 6461
Fax:+386 1/369 6598
Head of the Department:Katja Lautar, PhD

Department for General Government Analysis and Coordination of Economic Policies is an organizational unit of Budget Directorate, which carries out different tasks in the field of fiscal analysis and policies, methodologies, public finance flows and other tasks in the field of economic policy planning; all in a comprehensive economic context. Department is responsible for analyzing and forecasting fiscal developments in Slovenia and for the coordination of methodological work in the area of public finances. It also cooperates with other international organizations and institutions (IMF, European Commission, OECD, Eurostat, foreign rating agencies, etc.).

Main areas of work

  • monitoring of the state budget realization;
  • monitoring current developments in public finance budgets (Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia (i.e. ZPIZ), Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia (i.e. ZZZS) and local government budgets);
  • preparation on the general government budgetary accounts (including public institutions, public funds and agencies) by using methodology of the International Monetary Fund (GFS);
  • preparing projections of the general government revenues and expenditures for the current year and the next three years according to the national accounts methodology (ESA 2010);
  • preparing projections of consolidated general government budgetary accounts for the current year and the following three years;
  • monitoring daily realizations of revenues of the state budget and monitoring possible deviations in relation to the adopted liquidity plan;
  • preparation of monthly projections for the current year and the forecasts;
  • participating in the preparation of the central government budget of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • coordinating national methodologies with methodological solutions of international institutions (IMF, EUROSTAT);
  • monitoring/implementing legal bases in the field of public finances and fiscal policy (Public Finance Act, Fiscal Rule Act);
  • preparing and processing the data for the Bulletin of Government Finance;
  • monitoring the cyclical budgetary policy;
  • calculation of the structural fiscal balance of the general government;
  • monitoring long-term trends in public finances, related to ageing population;
  • calculation of the medium-term objective (MTO);
  • preparation of annual Stability Programme and Draft budgetary plan (DBP);
  • participating in the preparation of the Excessive deficit procedure Report (so-called EDP report).