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With a new law on public finances the Government of the Republic of Slovenia will continue to take significant steps to improve the fiscal framework and quality and sustainability of public finances. For the operational implementation of the fiscal rule, it is necessary to update the legal framework for adoption and implementation of the budgets for general government. To this end a new act on public finances and the new accounting act will be adopted.


Objectives of the new Public Finance Act:


  • insure stable public finance; 
  • insure a legislative framework for efficient management of public finance; 
  • set a clear definition of concepts in public finance; 
  • determination of entities to which the law applies; 
  • ensuring macroeconomic stability and sustainable economic development; 
  • determining the fundamental authority of direct budget users; 
  • determining the rights and obligations of budget users, who are responsible for the preparation, adoption and implementation of the budget and financial plans; 
  • setting the time frame for preparation of financial plans and work programmes; 
  • determine the documents which are an integral part of the state budget or municipality budgets and determine the documents which are an integral part of the financial plans of direct budget users, Pension Fund and the Health Insurance Fund and indirect budgets;
  • Determine the manner of providing funds for financing the functions of state and municipal authorities 
  • establish a comprehensive and consistent legal system that governs all elements of management of public funds for budget users;
  • determine midterm fiscal planning;
  • allow the government to develop priorities, which are crucial for the development of Slovenia and at the same time follow the limits of the fiscal rule;
  • allow the budget users to prepare and implement multiannual projects in  a timely manner;
  • set a clear presentation of the budget on the basis of new methodology which will enable international comparison;
  • to establish a common fiscal discipline which essential qualities are integrity and transparency;
  • set an effective system of control, detecting violations and sanctions of offenders; 
  • effective linkage of all elements of public finance management. 


Public Finance Act